Your Customers and Donors are Talking ...

Are You Listening? Can you afford not to listen?

Our proven methodology has helped to improve the bottom line for dozens of businesses.

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  • We were able to save one client $3 million a year with a one-time investment of $25,000 in research.
  • Your customers and prospects are in pain. So are your competitor's customers. We can help  you discover the way to ease their pain (by buying from you).
  • We will show you  how to secure the "Voice of the Customer" and how to translate it into business metrics to save money and increase revenue!
  • Do you really know what your customer is thinking? How loyal are they? If a competitor beats your price, would the customer defect?
  • Who is competing for the money of your customer? How can you keep your current customers happy, while attracting new ones?

Do you need help building profitable long-term relationships with non-profit organizational stakeholders? 

We are skilled at planning and executing marketing and fundraising efforts for non-profits, as well as recruiting for clinical research. We believe building loyalty and income from "customers" results from building strong, loyal relationships. 

We offer leadership in:

  • guiding the development of effective marketing and branding strategies.
  • launching strategic planning and project management initiatives.
  • creating "win-win" strategies for organizations and their supporters.
  • identifying, cultivating, asking and stewarding organizational donors. 
  • developing clinical trial recruitment plans.  

Chris Stiehl, author of Pain Killer Marketing, discusses the Voice of the Customer and its relationship to Predictive Business Metrics using everyday examples from the audience.



Lorraine and I attended the World Stem Cell summit in San Diego this week. Scientists, advocates and organizations from all over the world came to San Diego to talk about the latest in stem cell research. The results were very exciting, as many of the efforts sponsored by the California Institute four Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) are in human trials now, not mice. The photo below is of a panel discussing advocacy worldwide. Lorraine is in the photo on the far right. Lorraine had given a presentation on Thursday on the latest in diabetes research (featuring ViaCyte) and JDRF's approach. JDRF was highly praised throughout the session as an exemplar organization for both advocacy and investment in research.

Advocacy Panel at the World Stem Cell Summit.

Advocacy Panel at the World Stem Cell Summit.

On occasion, we will supplement additional staff to provide the best possible team for our clients.